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Other Services

Our other range of services are as follows:

Minor Surgery & Procedures

- Removal of pus, cyst, blood clots and skin lumps
- Wound Stitching and Cleaning
- Wound Dressing (simple, complex, chronic)
- Nail Surgery
- Removal of fishbone, ear-wax & foreign material
- Ear Syringing
- Intravenous Hydration
- Injections (vitamins, antibiotics, knee joints)
- Influzena Test Kits, Dengue Test Kits, Stool Test Kits
- Urinary Catheterisation 


Medical Check Up

- Maid-check-up (Blood Serum Pregnancy Test)
- Immigration, Work-permit (New & Renewal)
- LTA and Driving License (Must Bring Spectacles If Any)
- Fit-For-School , Outward Bound, Employment Pass
- Medical-Lawyer & Insurance Report                               

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