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Medical Services

Our experience and dedicated doctors are able to treat a long list of acute and chronic medical conditions, conduct health screening, minor surgery and other preventive medicine to meet your medical needs.  Our range of Medical Services are listed as follows:

- General Medicine Assessment

 . Monitoring
 . Treatment
 . Protection

- Health Screening
- Dermatology (Hair, skin, nail)
- Physiotherapy Services (Visiting Physiotherapist)
- Men Health
- Women Health (Visiting Gynaecology)
- Babies & Children Health
- Travel Health
- Minor Surgery/Wound & Dressing
- Chronic Disease Management Programs
- Immunisation & Vaccinations (all ages)
- Medical Examination, Permits & Reports
- Managed Healthcare administration
- Medisave Out-patient claimable Programs
- Baby Bonus & Medisave Payment
- Medical Imaging referral
- Urgent Specialist referral