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The following frequently asked questions are designed to provide you with a better understanding of the healthcare matters which may concern you.  

If you have other queries not answered in this page, please feel free to call us at our clinic or contact us for more information.

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FAQ for Health Screening

1. Why Health screening is important?

Health screening enables you to find out if you have a particular disease or condition such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure even if you do not have any symptoms and/or signs of disease. 

Early detection with proper medical guidance, followed by treatment and good control of the condition can result in better outcomes.

2. Can I eat or drink anything before these screenings?

No. Fasting ensures accurate blood specimen tests for glucose and cholesterol level. Only plain water is allowed prior to the screening.

3. What is stool test used for?

Stool test is a stool analysis tested for traces of blood and colon cancer. It will also help to diagnose other conditions which are affecting the digestive health. 

4. Can I do my screening if I am having my menstruation?

Blood test is alright. For ladies who are having menstruation, it is advisable to do urine test and Stool test after your period and return the specimens in a seal container to our clinic.

If you wish to continue with both tests, the result may not be accurate as there may be trace of blood cells reported in your report.

Please ensure you are not having your menstruation if you are doing pap smear.

5. Do you provide packages with pre & post consultation with doctor?

Yes, our package provides pre-consultation. Our package price does not include review fee. If you wish to review your report, an additional $10.00 will be levied accordingly.

6. What happen when a problem is identified?

Our clinic will contact you immediately if there are abnormalities identified in your screening results.

7. If I’m unable to fast for 8hrs will the result be affected?

Yes, your result will be affected especially for cholesterol and glucose profile.

8. If I’m a diabetic patient, do I need to fast?

Yes, you still need to fast and skip your diabetic medication till the screening is over.

9. What is a resting ECG test for?

The resting ECG test assesses the electrical activity of the heart and diagnoses conditions such as ischaemic heart disease.

10. How often should I go for health screening?

Health screening should be done yearly or every two years if you are aged above 40 years old with risk factors such as:

- Overweight, unhealthy eating and/or poor diet, 

- Hectic and stressful lifestyle,

- Family history of chronic disease

- Work in high risk environment exposing to chemicals and toxins

- Unintentional weight loss of more than 3kg within short time frame

- Have not done any health screening before

11. What is the payment mode available?

Payment can be made by cash, nets, visa or master.

12. What are the screening packages available?

We have a range of packages that is specially designed by our doctors for your health screening needs which is cater to your age and budget. 

You may refer to here to know more about our packages.


FAQ for Cervical Vaccines

1. Does Cervical Cancer run in families?

No. Cervical Cancer is not hereditary.

2. Does the vaccination offer lifetime protection?

No at this moment.  The long term efficacy of the vaccine is still under evaluation and research done by our manufacturer.

3. What is the vaccination schedule like?

For Gardasil, the schedule is at 0, 2, 6 month.

For Cervarix, the schedule is at 0, 1, 6 month.

4. Any side effects of the vaccine?

Minimal side effects such as pain, swelling and redness at the site of the injection and generalised reactions such as fever are some of the common side effects.  The two vaccines have been approved as safe and effective by Health Science Authority of Singapore.

5. Are Pap smears still needed if I have had the vaccine?

Yes, you are still recommended to go your pap smear once every three yearly.   About 30% cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV sub-types which the vaccine does not protect against. In other words, the vaccines do not protect against ALL cancer-causing HPV sub-types.

6. Can Medisave be used to pay for Cervical Cancer Vaccination?

Yes, ladies age 9 to 26 can use up to $400.00 per medisave account holder to pay for the above vaccine.

7. Why is it important to vaccinate boys with HPV vaccine?

Gardasil vaccine can be given to boys as young as 9 years old to men up to 26 years old for prevention of genital warts, penis and rectum cancer.

8. How safe is the HPV vaccine during pregnancy?

This vaccine is not recommended for pregnant females.


FAQ for Child Vaccination

1. What is the document require for taking up the childhood vaccine package?

Parents who wish to use the baby bonus and Medisave Accounts to pay for the childhood vaccination package will need to bring the following documents during their first visit for authentication purposes:

- NRIC of both parents

- Birth certificate of the baby

- ATM card

- Baby Health Booklet

2. Is it normal for a child to develop rashes and fever after vaccination?

Some vaccines will develop some possible side effects after the vaccination:

- Pain, redness or swelling at the site of the vaccination.

- Slight fever, tiredness or poor appetite.

- A mild rash (that lasts for two days) may occur 5 to 12 days after the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccination.

3. What should I do if my child misses his/her shot?

In the case that you have missed some scheduled vaccinations for your child due to medical reasons or overseas holidays, your child may be unprotected during that time, but it is safe to give him the vaccinations as soon as possible.

4. My child has already received his first vaccine from other GP clinic. Can we still sign up your vaccination package?

Yes, we are able to customise the package for your child and pro-rate the payment accordingly.

5. What is Development Assessment?  Is this assessment inclusive in the package?

A development assessment is a structured evaluation of your child's development based on his/her physical, language, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being. This assessment is done by our doctor and will be tailored to your child's age and suspected problem or delay.

Our vaccine package includes the price for mini-vaccine consultation, Development Assessment and immunisation report of the child.

6. What are 5in1 and 6in1 vaccines?

The 5-in-1 injection combines vaccines against Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), Polio and HaemophilusInfluenzae type B (Hib) in 1 injection.

The 6-in-1 injection combines vaccines against Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), Polio, HaemophilusInfluenzae type B (Hib) and Hepatitis B in 1 injection.