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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Established since 2009, Etern Medical Group Pte Ltd currently has three branches serving the residents of both the Sengkang and Punggol community. The clinics are conveniently situated at Punggol MRT Station and Sengkang Fernvale respectively.

At Etern Medical, our doctor focuses on holistic preventive healthcare for our patients. As the name suggest, we believe in bringing values to you by establishing long term relationship build on mutual trust and understanding for continual of care.
With our dedicated doctors and nurses, we assure that you are able to receive the highest quality treatment of care from our consultation and medical treatment.

We offers a full spectrum of medical services comprising a full range from acute and condition conditions, health screenings, vaccinations, minor surgery at an affordable rate to the patients. Our doctors are also trained to perform aesthetic procedures such as botox, fillers, chemical peeling and laser skin rejuvenation for our patients.


Aspire to be a company known for Excellent Clinic Doctors and Nurses that care what matter most to our patients.

Our Mission

Provide a Culture of Care so that we can grow our staff to serve the community and lifting family medicine to a greater height. 

Our Values

Loyalty and Belief, Harmony and Action.

Our Name and Logo

The name Etern - means "built up to eterne significance”. It means we need to have patience and time to build a long term relationship in order to manage patient’s chronic illness or condition and inter-personal relationships. It is only through time and patience that mutual understanding and greater objectives of significance could be achieved.

The Logo consists of two unequal vertical lines representing a couple laboring together hand in hand through the life journey to eterne significance. Composed with the shorter verticals and horizontal line, they depict the Singapore city skyline, symbolizing the modern and progressive aspirations of our generation.